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The ferry

The vessel we are building will be the most environmentally friendly passenger vessel on earth operating the route between Vaasa and Umeå. This is the first new build for this route ever, even though there have been ferries operating this route since the 1940’s.

The ferry will accommodate 800 passengers and will have a freight capacity of 1,500 lane meters for lorries and cars. The vessel is designed to be environmentally friendly, with machinery running on a dual fuel solution: besides liquefied natural gas it can also be operated using biogas. The vessel order is approximately EUR 120 million.


  • Bio/LNG gas solutions – fuel gas handling, gas tanks land and sea and bunkering
  • Catalyst for max reduction of NOx (exceeding IMO Tier III requirement)
  • Waste heat and cool recovery to maximise energy use


  • 2-stage turbocharged multi-fuel engines (BioGas)
  • Power Conversion/ Drives with high redundancy
  • Hybrid solution with batteries and inductive charging
  • Built in Flexibility to swap or add power sources


  • Smart bridge enabling autonomous shipping and remote navigation and  connection to universities


  • Integrated Automation System with Smart Power Management System of engines, batteries, solar etc.
  • Connection to Wasaline HQ and universities


  • Condition Based & Predictive Maintenance
  • Remote operation & services + university connection
  • Guarantees on emissions, fuel, availability & costs
  • Automooring


  • Flexible use of passenger areas with intelligent ventilation and lightning
  • Auto-trim connected to Automatic loading – unloading with led traffic lights
  • Autoregistering of cars
  • Smart cabins


  • Dual fuel with LNG as primary energy source
  • Possibility to use LBG
  • Electric propulsion drive with Azimuth thruster units
  • Battery power for port entry/departure, peak shaving, hotel load and boost power
  • Energy recovery and environmental footprint in focus
  • Ice Class 1A Super
  • Passenger and crew comfort
  • SOLAS 2020 and “Stockholm agreement” stability rules
  • Marine evacuation system (“no life boats”)
  • No separators, green filter technique
  • NACOS Platinum navigation


  • Loa: 150.0 m
  • Lwl: 137.8 m
  • Beam mld.: 26.0 m
  • Draught, design: 6.10 m
  • Gross tonnage, about: 24 300 t
  • Deadweight, design abt.: 3 500 t
  • Max. persons onboard (LSA): 1 000


  • Passengers: 800
  • Lane metres: 1 500
  • Cabins: 68
  • Speed: 20 kn
  • Public Decks: 2

The new ferry will be operated by Wasaline

We transport passengers and goods across the Kvarken strait. We are reliable, friendly and quality conscious. We are flexible and take the best care of our customers, our personnel and the environment.

We develop the traffic across Kvarken and strive to restore it to its former glory, even when it seems like a fight against the odds. Our challenge is to prove our work is of importance; that it is something we and our region can be proud of. We feel that we are part of something bigger and are committed to elevating the entire region through our efforts.

We want our customers to feel truly welcome and appreciated, wishing them a memorable and pleasant experience onboard.

Wasaline – a small shipping company with a big heart

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