Aecorlink – broadband provider at sea

AecorLink is a Swedish innovation company that develop high-speed Maritime Internet for the shipping industry.

High-speed Maritime Internet

AecorLink develops high-speed Maritime IP Highways to provide cruise ships with fast broadband. High-speed. Maritime IP Highways is an internet alternative to traditional 3G/4G-network or satellite communications. AecorLinks high-speed Maritime IP Highways offers reliable and fast high-speed broadband with lower delays.

High-speed broadband on ships on the same route, at the same time

AecorLink is a broadband provider to RoPax and the cruise industry that operate on fixed routes and need reliable and stable broadband with high stability and low delay on the signals. AecorLink´s high-speed Maritime Internet enables vessels to operate on the same route with multiple ships simultaneously without sacrificing the broadband stability or speed. AecorLink offers around the clock support service.

Benefits for vessels using AecorLink´s system

The maritime industry´s lack of reliable internet is a vast problem and has limited the shipping companies’ ability to fully utilize the benefits of a fast and stable broadband. AecorLinks high-speed broadband offers a range of benefits. Here are a few examples:

• Cruise conferences

Many cruise companies cannot offer conferences and meetings at sea to corporate customers because of poor internet connectivity. With AecorLink´s high-speed broadband cruise companies can offer conferences and meetings at sea.

• Logistics & transport

Not seldom the cruise staff themselves log cargo during the cruise. The freight customer can get the log only when the cruise ship has reached land which is both ineffective and insufficient. With AecorLink´s high-speed Maritime Internet the freight customer would get information in real time about the transport and its cargo.

• Jobs and employees

Cruise staff usually work several of weeks straight and want to keep in touch with family on land. For that purpose a reliable and high-speed broadband is crucial. Having AecorLinks as a broadband provider means that companies can build a strong corporate cultures with long-term employees.

• Marketing and social media

With AecorLinks high-speed broadband cruise ships can market themselves and interact with customers on social media.

• Customer insights and data

AecorLinks services enables for companies to obtain important and valuable information about their customers’ behaviors and needs onboard. It can be of great use and can, amongst many things, lead to an increase in onboard revenue sales when for example communicating the right customer information, at the right time.

“The possibilities are endless for our customers. It’s just the imagination that puts an end to what you can do and not!”

– Robert Hahmann, founder and CEO of AecorLink

For more information please contact:

Mr James Li +46 70 7559797