Bluetech Finland

First-class Marine Engineering & Ship Design

Bluetech Finland Ltd is a specialist in cruise, ro-pax and cargo ship design, offering engineering services for ship owners, shipyards and marine suppliers. Expertise includes all ship design disciplines and we provide concept, basic and detail design.

Bluetech also develops its own cargo ship designs with several units already in operation. Marketed under the “Bluetech” brand, our ships are fast gaining an international reputation as the world’s lowest carbon emission rates per cargo unit.

Based in Helsinki, Bluetech Finland was established in February 2013 by a group of experienced naval architects. In addition, we have offices in Turku, Finland, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Bangalore, India and Shanghai, China.

Currently the group of companies employ some 45 professionals. Half of us are naval architects, the other half hold degrees in engineering and similar specialist fields. This is a unique combination of people with decades of experience and newcomers bringing fresh ideas to the industry. It is a mix providing you with the best in modern maritime engineering.

Bluetech Finland’s scope for the Kvarken Link’s the ferry newbuilding project:

–                     Deck outfitting detail design of all trailer decks and outer decks

–                     3D modelling with Aveva E3D software