Elomatic is a leading European provider of consulting, engineering, product development and project management services, as well as products and turnkey concepts to industrial and public customers.
We have 50 years’ experience in completing diverse and demanding projects in a wide range of industrial fields. Our over 1000 professionals serve our customers on a global basis.
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Elomatic Marine BU provides a wide range of marine life cycle services that comprehensively meet maritime stakeholders’ divergent needs; from concept and project design all the way to newbuilding and operability support.
In customer projects we apply our expertise and creativity to deliver services and products of the highest quality and reliability to shipyards, shipowners and operators, equipment and turnkey suppliers and many more in the maritime industry.

Elomatic’s contribution for the project is/was:

  • Basic and Detailed engineering work for the ship electric and automation systems
  • Calm Water Hull Form Optimisation

The hull form optimized with CFD calculations for the design draught and for minimal fuel consumption in deep water considering the operational speed profile of the vessel. Good seakeeping and manoeuvring characteristics, low propeller induced pressure pulses and low noise levels were also taken into consideration. Particular attention was paid on bow flare angles to avoid excessive wave impacts at high seas.

The aftbody and orientation of hull appendages and openings was optimised using RANS-CFD. Streamlines over the hull surface and appendages, especially in way of the transverse thruster tunnels, bilge keels, and headboxes of azimuth propulsors were calculated by RANS-CFD.