KOJA – A leading HVAC expert under all conditions

Koja’s smart ventilation solutions are the soul of a ship. The top experts of Koja’s R&D Center and production design and test the HVAC solutions they create with the intended purpose first in mind: air conditioning systems for cabins, public areas and special facilities as well as ventilation for cargo holds and engine rooms.

Delivery reliability, quality and efficiency make Koja the best choice for the world’s largest shipping companies. Continuous product development projects and unparalleled electric automation decrease life cycle costs and environmental impact. Koja’s services, which prolong the life cycle, and the company’s experience of more than 80 years create pleasant conditions everywhere on the ship.

Koja’s operating model is high quality and efficient at every stage. When the whole life cycle of a HVAC system has been individually dimensioned and optimised starting from the design phase, the savings multiply. Structures and components are tested under extreme conditions in Koja’s R&D Center, and state-of-the-art production lines in Finland decrease the manufacturing lead time. Koja supports, consults and serves at every stage of the life cycle.

Koja is the supplier of the air conditioning, machinery and cargo areas ventilation systems to the new Wasaline ferry.

Versatile and developing Koja Group operates globally offering the customers cost and energy efficient HVAC technology, air handling solutions and fans for industrial processes. The Group serves its customers with more than 80 years of experience – with the assured competence of an reliable expert. As a family-owned business, we work responsively creating the best solutions throughout their life cycle. Read more about Koja Group: www.koja.com