Sisustussuunnittelutoimisto Kudos Dsign. Pia Litokorpi, Founder & CEO Architect. Kuvassa Iida Litokorpi (vas.), Henri Suominen, Niko Räsänen (tietokoneella), Pia Litokorpi ja Anu Shaw. Kuva: Vesa-Matti Väärä

Kudos Dsign
is a full-service interior design studio, based in Turku, Finland. We work on interior projects of all levels around the world. We have a long experience especially on international cruise ship industry. In addition to creating unique spaces to cruise ships, hotels, restaurants and offices, we also design brand concepts, graphics, custom made furniture and light fixtures for our customers.

Kudos Dsign has completed several marine interior projects for Crystal Cruises and we have number of ongoing marine interior projects with Crystal Cruises and Dream Cruises. In this exciting Kvarken Link new build project our scope includes interior design of passenger cabins, public areas and also crew common areas.

The new modern and ecological Wasaline ferry will operate between Vasa and Umeå. Part of our project team has roots in the Botnia which makes this project very special and personal to us. From the beginning of the project it was obvious that the design direction should be honest and simplified just like the Botnia region is known as its best. We were inspired by windswept islands of Botnia archipelago, open wide fields, majestic landscape of Västerbotten without forgetting the traditional craftmanship skills and today’s greenhouse farming.