In its 30 years of operation, NAPA has become a global leader in software, services and data analysis for the maritime industry; providing data-led solutions for safety, efficiency and productivity in both ship design and operations.


NAPA Safety Solutions provide loading and stability systems, including flooding emergency and decision support solution for increased safety and traceability, especially for cruise liners. NAPA supplies Wasaline’s newbuilding project our Loading Computer and Emergency Computer systems.


NAPA Loading Computer is a trusted stability and loading calculation tool used by many passenger ship operators worldwide. It includes tools to define RoRo cargo units and use the units in cargo loading operations to cargo decks, taking into account various load limitations.


NAPA Emergency Computer has become an industry standard for large cruise operators and is now gaining more and more interest among RoPax and ferry operators. Wasaline has been forerunner of this development and has chosen to include NAPA Emergency Computer to the shipyard’s delivery scope for their new vessel.


We are very proud to act as the trusted safety partner for Wasaline!