WE Tech

WE Tech is a leading energy efficiency solution provider with a global presence in the marine industry. The company specialises in supplying solutions based on variable frequency drives, permanent magnet technology, DC-link power distribution and dedicated power management systems to control the different solutions. Our solutions, suitable for new buildings and for retrofits, bring numerous benefits to the shipping industry worldwide.

Wasaline’s new generation ferry will be equipped with WE Tech’s hybrid electric propulsion solution, including generators, propulsion drives, Energy Storage System, main propulsion switchboards, shore connection switchgears, energy management system, and the propulsion control system.  The sophisticated solution will introduce the ferry with a Zero-Emission Sailing Mode which ensures a better and smoother voyage from Vaasa to Umeå as the vibrations and noise onboard the vessel will be dramatically minimized. In this way, it will bring more comfort to passengers. The dedicated power and energy management system will also be delivered to the new ferry to control the different operation modes, as well as an interface with the vessel’s automation system.

The hybrid electric propulsion solution is at the heart of the vessel, saving tons of fuel and reducing emissions both at sea and in the harbour.

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